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1 Before Installing VICAR

How to Get VICAR

VICAR is supplied on CD-ROM or tape (4mm DAT or 8mm Exabyte) by Emailing Danika Jensen or contacting her by 'phone: (818) 354-6269. If you have problems with, or questions about VICAR, reach us through our contact list.

VICAR will run directly from CD. Performance is dependent on speed of local CD reader. Worst case CD speed: in a test at MIPS using VICAR 17, with the slowest CD-ROM reader (1X), the most complex program, (SAGE) took almost a minute to load, but ran quickly thereafter. For faster performance copy VICAR onto hard disk drive from CD or tape.

If you want to run the USGS ISIS image processing package along with VICAR you must read: ISIS Coexistence.

Requirements and Supported Platforms for UNIX VICAR

Requirements for All UNIX Installations

OpenVMS DEC-Alpha Requirements

We suggest that you Check OpenVMS System Requirements before installing on OpenVMS

User Requirements (quotas) for OpenVMS VICAR

These numbers are those used on the MIPS Alphas, and were arrived at by trial and error. Many VICAR programs will work with lower quotas. As a rule of thumb, the more complex the program the higher the user quotas must be set.

We suggest that you use the Command to Check OpenVMS User Requirements before installing.

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