External Software

7.7 External Software Information

VICAR is distributed with a variety of software that was not written at MIPS. There are subroutine libraries that are used by VICAR programs, and there are programs that work with or complement VICAR.

Not all of these external programs and libraries are built for all the platforms VICAR runs on. Their directory structures, documentation and coding standards are likely to be much different than VICAR.

Below is a list of external programs with a variety of useful information about each.

External Programs
Name Directory Description Contact Web Page
Advanced End-to-end System for On-board Processing AESOP Extensible Motif-based on-board-algorithm evaluation system providing access to data compression algorithms on various networked processors. Alan S. Mazer
(818) 354-0003
DD++ library DD++ C++ wrapper for the Motif 1.2 drag and drop preregister protocol. Harry Danilevsky
Andrew Renalds renalds@fnbc.com
Motif Application MotifApp Doug Young's C++/Motif user interface class, modified by MIPS. Bob Deen, Bob.Deen@jpl.nasa.gov
ADAPTIVE Communication Environment ace Object-Oriented network programming toolkit targeted for developers of high-performance concurrent network applications and services. Douglas C. Schmidt, schmidt@cs.wustl.edu http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/
Ellipsoid ellips Renders an ellipsoid Zareh Gorjian, (818) 354-3425
Libraries of Mathematical Subprograms math77 Fortran~77 subprograms implementing algorithms useful in numerical computation. MATH77 contains over 450 user-callable subroutines and functions. Computational Mathematics Subgroup
(818) 354-6271, vsnyder@math.jpl.nasa.gov
Multimission VICAR Planner mvp AI planning system that automatically generates image processing procedures based on user requests and data type, availability, and format Forest Fisher, Forest.fisher@jpl.nasa.gov, (818) 306-6178 http://www-aig.jpl.nasa.gov/planning/mvp
Planetary Data System label library pds_label_lib An evolving set of routines written in C which can be used to read, process, and write PDS labels. pds_operator@jplpds.jpl.nasa.gov, (818)306-6130 http://pds.jpl.nasa.gov/softinv/inv.html#lablib
PDS Label Library Light pds_lablib3 A reimplementation of PDS Label Library Version 1.1 that is smaller and faster and that has a simpler function interface. pds_operator@jplpds.jpl.nasa.gov, (818)306-6130 http://pds.jpl.nasa.gov/softinv/inv.html#lablib3
PLAnetary TOols set plato A variety of tools and libraries for the various planetary missions as well as future Earth Observation missions. Meemong Lee, meemong@elroy.jpl.nasa.gov, (818) 354-2228. http://jane.jpl.nasa.gov/Model/Plato/plato.html
Parallel Virtual Machine System pvm A software system that enables a collection of heterogeneous computers to be used as a coherent and flexible concurrent computational resource. pvm@msr.EPM.ORNL.GOV ?
Surveyor Terrain Visualizer surveyor A terrain visualization package used to explore large terrain data sets and create animations from the data. surveyor@tone.jpl.nasa.gov http://www-dial.jpl.nasa.gov/Surveyor/Surveyor.html
Mathematical Pointing Software spice Navigation software that has been written or modified specifically for the Galileo Project. Chuck Acton, cacton@spice.jpl.nasa.gov, (818) 354-3869 http://pds.jpl.nasa.gov/naif.html