8 Installation Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The VICAR system was linked with Solaris 2.4. I have Solaris 2.5, and it doesn't work.

    Copy the proper dynamic libraries from a Solaris 2.4 system. See Notes on using Solaris 2.5.

  2. How do I tell which dynamic (shareable) libraries I need to run a VICAR program?

    See Finding UNIX Programs' Dynamic Dependencies and Finding Programs' Dependence on OpenVMS Shareable Libraries.

  3. I get the following error on OpenVMS:
    Error activating image MULTINET_SOCKET_LIBRARY
    Ident mismatch with shareable image

    You have to use the same (or higher number) Multinet version as the one that the executable was linked with. See Finding Programs' Dependence on OpenVMS Shareable Libraries. MULTINET_SOCKET_LIBRARY is a logical name for the shareable socket library. Also see OpenVMS DEC-Alpha Requirements.

  4. I'm having problems rebuilding VICAR programs on my system. I don't seem to have the right libraries. Is there any way I can get my programs rebuilt without having to pay for 3rd-party software?

    You can rebuild programs at MIPS, or we can do it for you. See Alternatives to Rebuilding On Your System.

  5. I want to build a version of GALSOS on my Alpha Open VMS systems that doesn't need the Multinet 3rd-party software. How can I do this at my site?

    Edit [VICAR.RTL.INC]xvmaininc.h to set SYBASE_AVAIL_OS to 0. See Rebuilding Without Socket (Network) Support.