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3 OpenVMS Alpha VICAR from CD or Tape

Running VICAR Directly from CD

Insert the OpenVMS VICAR CD into your CD reader. Enter the command:


(Note: "" is two double-quotes with no spaces between them.) For help determining CD device names, see the Example Mounting a CD on VMS

  3. $ VICAR

If you want to use the latest revisions while running directly of CD, you'll have to:

  1. Download the revisions to disk: Disk:Installation Manual:Source:patchesandupdates1.htxr Revisions: Patches and Updates
  2. Edit your slogon.pdf file: Modifying TAE's slogon.pdf

Load VICAR onto Local Disk

Install from CD-ROM

This example assumes [VICAR] will be the VICAR location andVICSYS is CD-ROM logical name.

  1. $ CREATE/DIR [VICAR] ! May require system privileges
  2. $ BACKUP VICSYS:[VICAR...]*.* [*...]*.* ! May require system privileges
  3. When finished: $DISMOUNT VICSYS: and remove the VICAR CD-ROM from CD reader.

Install from 4mm or 8mm Tape

This example assumes [VICAR] will be the VICAR location and the tape drive is MKA300:.

  1. $ MOUNT/FOR MKA300:
  2. $ BACKUP/REWIND MKA300:VICAR DKA200:[*...]

Example Mounting a CD on VMS

If you are having trouble figuring out the device name of the CD-ROM reader, try the command:


Look for a device with status of "wrtlock". In the example below, that device is DKE400:.

If there's a Volume Label indicated for this device then someone else has it mounted already. If there are two or more devices with wrtlock status, insert the CD into a drive and try in turn each device name in the MOUNT command.


$ 1$DKE400: (CODA1) Online wrtlck

You would mount on this CD drive with the command:


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