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6.5 Rebuilding or Recompiling

Alternatives to Rebuilding On Your System

Important Note: If you think you need to rebuild VICAR on your system, think again! VICAR and associated programs use a number of third-party libraries. Each third-party library is required to rebuild a specific subset of VICAR programs. You must have the correct version(s) of these libraries installed before rebuilding any program. Consider these alternatives:

Rebuilding Without Socket (Network) Support

Some VICAR programs such as GALSOS may be built without socket (network) support. This could be a way to avoid paying for a 3rd-party TCP/IP package like Multinet on OpenVMS. You will lose some functionality without socket support.

If you choose to build without socket support, you must edit the file xvmaininc.h in [VICAR.RTL.INC] or ../rtl/inc. At the end of xvmaininc.h note:

/* If the Sybase libraries are available, define this symbol to 1.        */
/* Otherwise, define it to 0.  External sites may need to define this to  */
/* 0 for all platforms (used by e.g. galsos).                             */


#endif /* _XVMAININC_H */

Change the 1 to a 0 and recompile.

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