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6.6 Unsupported Platforms

The following machines exist at MIPL, and should work, but have not been officially tested.

In addition, the following machines have worked in the past, but they have not been tested in quite some time, and there are likely to be some problems (There may be an older version of TAE available (pre 5.2), but we at MIPL don't supply it):

The following machines have a partial port, but the software will not work without some modifications (the Cray would be very difficult to support, due to major differences in pixel sizes and data types):

Finally, one non-UNIX operating system is available (other than VAX/VMS). Most of the software works, but not all. If you wish to use this machine type, contact the VICAR system programmer at MIPL for further information.

VICAR may be ported to other machines in the future, or you may do your own port. If you wish to do your own port, please refer to the contact list for information.
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