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Language Differences

Not all compilers are created equal. Typical VICAR Fortran code uses a lot of VMS Fortran extensions that are not in the Fortran 77 standard. Some of these extensions are useful enough and are available widely enough to make them permissible in VICAR programs. Others, however, are not and will have to be changed. See Section , Porting Fortran, for details.

With C, the situation is much better, but there are still some porting issues. See Section , Porting C, for details.

Currently, only K&R (Kernighan and Ritchie) C and Fortran are fully supported in VICAR. There is some limited support for ANSI C, but until some issues regarding function prototypes are resolved, use of ANSI C will be limited. ANSI C will be fully supported, and recommended over K&R C, in the near future, but this is TBD. There is a good chance that C++ might be supported in the future, but that is still TBD.