Help for SINPROJ

SINPROJ reprojects a vicar image file of a sinusoidal projection of a given
projection longitude into an image file with a different projection longitude,
it also can produce an output file with the same projection longitude but of a
different size, i.e. sinproj will not change the pixel size of the image but
will change the width of the image by only reprojecting a fraction of the 
original image.
SINPROJ expects the projection longitude (PROJ_LON),  the starting (LON_CL) and
ending (LON_CR) longitudes, and the starting (LAT_UC) and ending (LAT_LC)
latitudes  for the output file to be specified, although all these values can
be defaulted or specified by line and sample instead, with SINPROJ converting
them from one to another internally. The input image file should also have
these keys in its vicar label because they are needed to recalculate the new
projection and are are used as the default values if none are specified in the
When SINPROJ is run with LON_CL and LON_CR specifying the size of the output
image and PROJ_LON not specified the projection longitude will default to the
longitude midway between LON_CL and LON_CR; similarly if only SS and NS are
specified PROJSAMP will be set to SS + NS/2. SINPROJ cannot reproject an image
into an oblique sinusoidal projection. If LAT_UC and LAT_LC are specified to be
smaller in the output image than they are in original image, the output image
will simply cut off at those latitudes. The equator is always taken to be the
latitude from which the projection is calculated.
if the input image file has in its label:
                            PROJ_LON = 180.0
                            LON_CL = 0.0  LON_CR = 360.0
                            LAT_UC = 90.0 LAT_LC = -90.0

   output image is very lopsided with all of the image to the right
   of the projection longitude (you probably don't want this) and
   contains all of the input image
SINPROJ inp out PROJ_LON=0 LON_CL=180 LON_CR = 179
   output image is centered around the projection longitude      
SINPROJ inp out  LON_CL=180 LON_CR = 220
   output image is centered on a projection longitude of 200
   and is only 1/9th as wide as the input image
SINPROJ inp out  SS = 360 NS = 80
   this will do the same as the previous example if there are
   two samples per degree

Original Author: ??? 
Cognizant Programmer: m. jentoft-nilsen

    Mar 6, 1992:  MJ-N - mcr 1290 allow projections with lon_cl
                  or lon_cr outside of original longitude range of an
    22 Feb 1990 - FR 52797 mj-n
    02 Jan 1995   Made portable for UNIX ... J. Turner (CRI) 



input image file


output image file


output left longitude


output right longitude


output upper latitude


output lower latitude


output projection longitude


standard vicar size field


starting line


starting sample


number of lines


number of samples


sample number of the output projection longitude in input file sample numbering

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