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7.2 Other Software Requirements

In addition to TAE, some other software is required to run and/or build VICAR. These are listed below. Most of the time this software will be provided along with your operating system.


At the present time, the VICAR build and setup procedures are written only for the C-shell (csh). A csh-compatible shell, such as the Tenex C-shell, tcsh (T-shell), available from UUnet comp.sources by anonymous ftp, will also work.


In order to build the system parts of VICAR, you must have a C compiler. In addition, many applications require a FORTRAN compiler, so realistically you need both. Note that the compilers are only required to rebuild VICAR (or to develop new software); you don't need them if you do not need to rebuild.

The C compiler for all machines ported to so far is the standard C compiler that comes with the computer. ANSI C is required for some applications, and will be used more in the future. None of the system libraries currently require ANSI C. If you have a choice, get a C compiler that handles ANSI in addition to the standard Kernighan & Ritchie C.

The FORTRAN compiler must support the FORTRAN 77 standard. In addition, several extensions must be supported. These are:

For the Macintosh running A/UX version 3.0, the standard FORTRAN 77 compiler is not acceptable. You may want to try the Absoft compiler. Absoft: 2781 Bond Street Rochester Hills, MI 48309 (810) 853-0050, Fax: (810) 853-0108, sales@absoft.com http://www.absoft.com.

We use vendor-supplied C++ on all platforms.


At the present time, the X window system is not technically required to run VICAR. However, X-windows currently provides the only display capability under UNIX, since the UNIX VRDI only supports X-windows.

The SAGE (Science Analysis Graphical Environment) VICAR graphical user interface (GUI), presently under development, is X-windows/Motif based.

X-windows is required if you intend to build the VRDI.


TAE+ 5.2 uses Motif. While TAE can be relinked without Motif support, installation will be much easier if it is available.


All VICAR build procedures require that the "imake" program be in the program search path ($PATH). This program is supplied standard on some machines. For others, it may be obtained either from the X-windows distribution (which is where it was developed), or from the TAE tree. Make sure that the program is available in the search path by typing "which imake" at a shell prompt.

Disk Space

VICAR currently requires over 300 MB of disk space to build for a single platform type. Much of this space (83 MB) is for TAE+. The rest is for other parts of VICAR, including some padding. If you build VICAR for more than one type of platform, significantly more disk space will be required.

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