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            4.2.7 IBIS Miscellaneous Routines

4.2.7 IBIS Miscellaneous Routines IBISLabelRemove

status = IBISLabelRemove( ibis );
call ibis_signal( ibis, status )

ibis		input	integer
status		input	integer

This routine simply takes an open, modifiable VICAR file unit, and removes all of the IBIS-2 related property information. If there is no 'IBIS' property label in the file this routine does nothing and simply returns a successful status. An IBIS label may appear in a non-ibis file if, for example, the file was an output image from a program that had an IBIS-2 file as input; the primary-input mechanism automatically copies all of the properties over from input to output with the result that the output image appear to contain IBIS information. This mechanism can of course be disabled with "zvselpi(0)", but then none of the history information is transfered either, which may be undesirable.